Posted: May 27, 2008

Global Investors See Opportunities in Nanotechnology in Singapore

(Nanowerk News) Global investors said they are seeing a lot of investment opportunities in nanotechnology opening up in Singapore.
The comment comes a day before the first ever NanoEquity Asia conference kicks off in Singapore. The conference is aimed at facilitating investment in nanotech start-ups and SMEs from around the region.
It was touted to be the next explosive growth area after information technology here in Singapore and nano-technology is starting to have a huge impact on a wide range of industries.
Marco Beckmann, CEO, Nanostart Investments, said: "We see products, new technologies that are just about to enter the market and they're coming right out of Singapore. And sometimes, we see so many fast things that are developing here in Singapore that's very promising and interesting for us."
Investors said there's a growing trend globally to look for investments in the application of nanotechnology in clean tech.
But industry watchers note that nanotechnology firms need help in growing their technologies into commercial businesses.
Mr Beckmann continued: "Every single nanotech company is most likely a scientific-driven team that needs help to commercialise their technology and that means they need support. They don't only need money, they need support to commercialise their technology."
Support in research and development infrastructure is also seen as important.
And according to some firms, this has been a big pull factor for them to set up their regional headquarters here in Singapore.
Jim Von Her, President, Zyvex Labs, said: "When I started to really come here and look at the quality of the institutions, I realised there're couple of universities that are in the top 100 universities worldwide (like) NUS and NTU."
Currently, the EDB estimates that there are some 50 nanotechnology companies based in Singapore.
Source: Channel News Asia (Timothy Ouyang)
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