Posted: June 3, 2008

Intel to Discuss Nanotechnology Cooperation With Russian Leadership

(Nanowerk News) The Intel Corporation will discuss nanotechnology cooperation with the Russian leadership at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the corporation's regional director said on Tuesday.
The world's largest semiconductor and microprocessor producer is proposing that Intel IT specialists work with Russia to develop powerful computer systems used in nanotechnology. The move would allow Russia to enter the global market for nanotechnology development much quicker.
"We are ready to share our ideas, engineers and systems application devices, which have already been used in other places," Dmitry Konash said. "It's good for the state, as there is no need to invent them from scratch."
"This [nanotechnology] requires powerful computers," Konash said. "We know better than anyone else how such supercomputers are produced."
He added that the company could also provide Russia with specialist knowledge of high-performance computer systems.
Intel, in turn, hopes to benefit from the joint research.
"Nanotechnology issues can be solved only through large-scale international cooperation," Konash explained.
Source: RIA Novosti
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