Posted: June 4, 2008

Angstron Acquires New Production Facility

(Nanowerk News) Angstron Materials LLC announced today that the advanced materials company has acquired a new 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility. In addition to continuing its research and development efforts, Angstron will provide small to large batch processing and production capacity for its innovative carbon-based material called nano-graphene platelets (NGPs).  
Based in Dayton, OH the new facility will enhance Angstron’s ability to offer customers a total turnkey solution from application development and pilot quantities for test articles to scale-up for required production volumes. A cost effective, high quality alternative to nanotubes, Angstron’s NGPs are especially suited to aerospace, automotive, energy, marine, electronics, construction, medical and telecommunications applications.
“The new location gives Angstron the capability to produce tons of pristine NGP material annually,” said Dr. Bor Z. Jang, CEO of Angstron Materials, LLC. “One of the few companies able to manufacture these quantities, the larger facility will allow Angstron to more effectively meet customer requirements.”
Angstron’s engineered NPGs are available in several forms including raw materials and solutions. These solutions can achieve an exceptionally high loading and maintain uniform dispersion without degrading viscosity. Angstron’s NGP product can be blended with other nanomaterials to achieve higher loadings required for various forms of composite lamina as well as nanocomposites for load-bearing and functional applications.
Angstron Materials LLC leads the industry as the first advanced materials company to offer large quantities of single atomic layer thick nano-graphene platelets (NGPs). Committed to equipping customers with the tools they need to compete, Angstron is also reducing production cost barriers with its nano-graphene solutions. NGPs are similar to nanotubes but offer improved performance properties including very high Young’s modulus, strength and surface area, superior thermal and electrical conductivity, lower density and less weight. NGPs are also resistant to gas permeation. As a result, Angstron is able to work with companies to develop products for batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, light weight structural components as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), electrostatic discharge (ESD), lightning strike and composite applications.
In addition to its ability to provide sample materials and scale-up, Angstron partners with customers to help manufacturers identify optimal designs, compositions and manufacturing processes. Available in a wide range of geometries, NGP products are easily surface functionalizable for polymer and common solvent applications and offer high loading potential for nanocomposite applications. Angstron combines real world experience with research and development to help manufacturers harness the advantages of nanotechnology to make next generation products in the aerospace, automotive, energy, marine, construction, electronics, medical, and telecommunications markets.
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Source: Angstron Materials
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