Posted: June 10, 2008

NexTechFAS Unveils NanoScan AOI Technology

(Nanowerk News) NexTech Solutions, Inc. and FAS Holdings Group, LLC, jointly doing business as "NexTechFAS," have announced that it has unveiled its proprietary NanoScan™ automated optical inspection (AOI) technology with unrivaled defect detection capabilities utilized in the manufacture of flat panel displays (FPDs).
Defect identification and prevention are vital to the ultimate performance of any display and are particularly crucial at key manufacturing stages in order to keep production costs low. The NanoScan technology employs highly accurate and sensitive detection of problem-causing particles and pattern defects during FPD manufacture, providing submicron particle inspection for NexTechFAS AOI platforms. Through the use of NanoScan enabled equipment, such as the NexTStar™ and the FPDStar™, manufacturers can identify and map particle and pattern defects in the active matrix display as well as defects in the intricate circuits surrounding the active matrix. This can all be accomplished on a single platform and at resolutions as small as 300 nanometers, a level of accuracy unmatched within the display industry.
The NanoScan will be utilized primarily within the FPD industry and will be focused on the emerging OLED technology of both glass and flexible substrates. The technology will also be used for TFT/LCD displays, touch screen substrates and solar panels. The NanoScan works by utilizing innovative illumination techniques in conjunction with high precision optics in order to capture submicron particles. Then, NexTechFAS proprietary software algorithms process the captured images, delivering defect information in a variety of formats ready for online or offline evaluation.
"NexTechFAS's NanoScan technology is the only system that can reliably perceive submicron particles down to 300 nanometers, detecting the smallest defects in the industry," said president and CEO of NexTechFAS, Tony Di Napoli. "This is essential for emerging technologies such as OLED displays. In addition, our competitors cannot match NexTechFAS's defect coverage, system scalability and flexibility to perform several types of inspection with one platform."
NFJV, LLC, doing business as "NexTechFAS," is the operating company of NexTech Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NXSL) and FAS Technologies, LLC, a result of a pending merger transaction between the two companies. NexTech Solutions currently owns approximately 52 percent of NexTechFAS and will own 100 percent upon completion of the final step of the merger transaction. NexTechFAS is a Delaware limited liability company with facilities in Austin and Dallas, Texas. The company is widely recognized in the industry for the development of digital fluid dispensing and a patented extrusion coating (spinless coating) technology known as "FAS-Coat," which has become the de-facto standard in the coating processes used in the manufacture of flat panel displays (FPDs). The company also delivers advanced metrology and automation solutions, and is the first to deliver a turn-key solution for manufacturing lines in the FPD, photovoltaic and semiconductor industries. For more information, visit:
Source: NexTechFAS
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