Posted: June 12, 2008

AC Environmental Launches Heavy Metals Remediation Nanotechnology Product

(Nanowerk News) Companies working with heavy metals often face the potential risk of having a heavy metal contamination situation occur. In such cases, they need a cost-effective, fast-acting remediation solution for removing heavy metals.
AC Environmental recently introduced AC Nano as a proven solution for these common contamination issues. This highly revolutionary technology quickly and efficiently remediate’s water with heavy metals and/or soil contaminated with heavy metals and restores the environment to its pre-contamination state.
As part of its unique design, AC Nano uses advanced nanotechnology to remove lead, zinc, copper, cadmium, nickel, manganese, cobalt, and arsenic from water and soil environments. Industries that deal with heavy metal contamination (e.g., mining, steel mills, shooting ranges) will find AC Nano to be the most effective solution on the market today.
AC Nano can be used for:
  • Tailings pond remediation
  • Industrial wastewater remediation
  • Shooting range soil and water treatments (lead remediation)
  • Battery recycling operations or waste treatments
  • Treatment of acid mine leaching
  • Water and soil remediation (in lead- and cadmium-polluted agricultural fields)
  • Emergency treatments of toxic lead and cadmium leakage
  • By offering advanced products, along with customer-oriented service, AC Environmental continues to build on its solid reputation as a dependable provider of innovative, convenient, and environmentally responsible solutions. For more information about AC Environmental’s products or services, visit their website at
    Source: AC Environmental
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