Posted: June 12, 2008

NanoBioNexus to Unveil the 'The Right Nanobiotechnology Formula' at 2008 BIO International Convention

(Nanowerk News) NanoBioNexus (NBN), a nanobiotechnology industry organization, will highlight the accomplishments of its international, cross-disciplinary community at the 2008 BIO International Convention June 17 - 20, at the San Diego Convention Center. NBN will also host a June 19 event- affiliated press conference at 10 a.m. in room 7-B to describe "The Right Nanobiotechnology Formula" for accelerating nanobiotechnology commercialization and cross-disciplinary collaborations in addition to sharing the latest industry trends, business strategies and consulting services that contribute to accomplishing this.
"With our goal to turn science into better health, we are delighted to be part of BIO 2008 and to share the many ways that organizations and industry can benefit from our unique business approach and expertise," said NanoBioNexus founder and CEO Adriana Vela. NBN's partnership with the National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded NanoTumor Center and its latest developments as well as other premier industry service offerings will be featured at its convention booth #2412.
Since its inception four years ago, NBN has set the pace for delivering educational and consulting services that have, at times, led to new medical and scientific discoveries. Highlights of the press event include NBN's fortified strategy and eclectic approach to business and partnerships designed to increase its impact on the global nanotech community and general public. Also discussed will be developments on how nanotechnology-enabled surgery may improve outcomes for breast cancer patients; how the fight against cancer can be aided with stealth NanoWorms --- those mechanical cancer-killing worms that are three million times smaller than earthworms; how its international alliance initiative brings the world closer together; and how the "art of nanotechnology" is not just a phrase, but a reality with the transcendence of science to art with the revolutionary NanoArt. According to the New York Times, "For abstractionists like Mr. Orfescu, such limitations are simply invitations to let color and shape-shifting run wild".
Conference attendees and the media are invited to meet NanoBioNexus' CEO following the conclusion of the press conference. For details on the BIO International Convention, please visit or check out BIO's events blog at or listen to podcasts on the convention at www.biotechnow-org.
About NanoBioNexus
San Diego's non-profit NanoBioNexus is dedicated to nanobiotechnology. With a growing international constituency, NanoBioNexus focuses on increasing public awareness and understanding of nanotechnology through business opportunities, educational forums and professional services in the application of nanotechnology in life sciences. Nanotechnology involves manipulating and utilizing matter smaller than 100 nanometers. On The Net:
Source: NanoBioNexus
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