Solar Industry Veterans Announce Launch of New Manufacturing Company
Posted: June 12, 2008

Solar Industry Veterans Announce Launch of New Manufacturing Company

(Nanowerk News) Today the launch of Skypoint Solar, Inc. was announced, a large-scale, solar panel manufacturing company, whose business model includes the creation of solar power parks for utility-scale electricity generation. The Company was launched with seed capital from its founding management team, including senior executives from the thin film solar, semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing industries.
“Skypoint Solar has been created with the goal of quickly ramping up production of thin film solar modules,” stated John R.Tuttle, Ph.D., Skypoint’s CEO. “Our first US-based manufacturing facilities are being designed to produce approximately 120 Megawatts (MW) per year of solar modules. We will begin producing modules based upon proven amorphous / microcrystalline silicon technology (AMSi) and will also develop follow-on technology solutions targeting improved performance and lower costs. Additionally, we will be deploying our product in Skypoint-owned and operated solar power parks, both domestically and internationally.”
The Skypoint management team is comprised of experienced senior executives from the solar industry, whose combined expertise includes thin film solar photovoltaic (PV) development, manufacturing, and deployment, as well as public company management, operations and financing.
About Skypoint Solar, Inc.
Skypoint Solar, Inc. will be a major provider of renewable energy through the combined activities of large-scale solar module manufacturing and global solar energy park development and operations. Skypoint plans to be the first US-based manufacturing facility utilizing proven thin film photovoltaic technology, with the goal of capturing a significant portion of the emerging and expansive domestic renewable energy demand. For more information on the Company, please visit
Source: InfusionCapital
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