Posted: July 3, 2008

Sony's Field Emission Technologies Enters FED Mass Production End Of 2009

(Nanowerk News) New details have appeared about the progress of Sony's FED technology.
Sony owns 40% of Field Emission Technologies (FET), which develops nano-Spindt FED (Field Emission Display) technology. FED technology has the capability to actually overtake OLED if everything works out as planned.
FET is apparently planning to start mass-producing 26 inch FEDs starting end of next year. Displays for 60 inch consumer TVs are supposed to follow soon there after.
About nano-Spindt FED
The nano-Spindt FED (Field Emission Display) is a kind of FED that reproduces images using an array of nanocone emitters to excite phosphors. Taking advantage of highly efficient self-emissive phosphors combined with a line-sequential impulse drive system, this display delivers the visual performance required of a next-generation flat panel display, including a wide viewing angle, lifelike color, outstanding contrast with true black reproduction, and no-blur display of quickly moving images.
With more than 10 thousand emitters used to illuminate each pixel, the nano-Spindt FED delivers clear, distortion-less images that are precisely focused across the entire screen. The high emitter density also contributes to uniform brightness and color without a hint of deterioration in purity.
Source: (Luigi Lugmayr)
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