Posted: July 4, 2008

iC2MS - International conference and exhibition on composite material and nanostructure

(Nanowerk News) The third International Conference on Composite Materials and nano Structures - iC2MS’08 is planned to take place in Melaka, Malaysia on August 5-7, 2008.
Malaysia Composites Industry comprises a small number of Companies which were set up less than 15 years ago. Some are Government linked Companies and a number are private enterprises which specialize in niche markets for their products.
Supporting these industries are a number of Government Agencies dedicated to the supervising of Standards, technology and a number of Universities with their own facilities to do research in the related fields which we describe as Advanced Composites.
Three major companies are located in Composites Technology City, Melaka which was remarked by the Malaysian Government to spearhead the development of Advanced Composites in a commercial scale. These companies are strategically engaged in non competitive niches such as Aerospace, Architectural, marine and Military applications, each working closely with the others in sharing know how and client networks.
Being located in the tropics Malaysia’s flora is rich in vegetative materials which are quickly being identified as sources of raw materials of fibers for use in Composites.
The Malaysian Government policy of advancing Agriculture and Biotechnology as an economic resource allows for Government aid and encouragement to the use of tropical fibers as “green“ and renewable resources for new materials for Industrial applications.
The Melaka State Government plays host to the three major Companies which manufacture end products from Advanced Composites materials and has committed to support the industry both from a manufacturing base as well as to promotion of plantations of tropical fibers as a “ Center of Excellence “ towards the advancement of this new and fast growing industry.
The iC2MS ’08 provides an exciting venue and platform for the meeting of minds by industry players, researchers and international personalities from similar backgrounds.
This forum also expects to bring together parties linked to the Plantation industry which has abundant land assets suitable for the cultivation of fiber based crops for industrial applications.
Source: iC2MS'08
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