Posted: July 14, 2008

Advanced Materials Technology and Capsulution NanoScience AG Conclude Patent License Contract

(Nanowerk News) Advanced Materials Technology (AMT), a US manufacturer and developer of columns for HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), and the Berlin-based Capsulution NanoScience AG signed in June a license contract for the use of the LBL® Technology that was originally developed for the manufacture of nano- and microcapsules by the Max Planck Society, Germany’s largest research foundation, and for which Capsulution owns the worldwide marketing rights. With this agreement, AMT is given access to the technology especially for the development and manufacture of HPLC columns containing a new generation of column packing materials.
“With this license, we are able to broaden our portfolio of key technologies so as to position ourselves as an innovative developer of hyper-fast and robust HPLC columns,” explains Dr. Joseph DeStefano, President of AMT. “New product developments based on the LBL® Technology should be ready for the market quickly. One promising area is the separation of macromolecules of biological interest such as proteins and DNA fragments where speed of analysis and selective separations are of high value.” adds DeStefano.
For Capsulution, this licensing is an important marketing success, providing additional resources which will be used for the future development of improved pharmaceutical products, thus underpinning their own company focus. One side-effect of this agreement has been greatly welcomed, especially in the company areas of research and development. “The use of our technology in the area of chromatographic applications is in line with our Inventors” explains Dr. Andreas Voigt, CSO of Capsulution. “After all, AMT researches in particular for those scientists requiring a more efficient and effective chromatographic separation. The planned innovative filling materials, which have functionalized layers based on our LBL® Technology should enable specific separation with the smallest samples at high speeds and will hopefully benefit us in our development of improved pharmaceutical products.”
About Capsulution NanoScience AG
Capsulution NanoScience AG is a leading company in the field of tailor-made drug-delivery systems and other innovative life science products on the basis of so-called nanocapsules. These nanocapsules are manufactured on the basis of the worldwide patent protected LBL Technology®. Due to their minute size and high level of functionability as well as their extremely reproducible manufacture, the capsules can be used in a diverse number of applications. The nano- and microcapsules can be manufactured in any desired size, according to application and endowed with practically any biochemical, electric, optical and magnetic properties.
About Advanced Materials Technology
Founded in 2005 and located in Wilmington, Delaware, this US company has committed itself to developing chromatography products highly suited to the needs of separation scientists. In this endeavour, AMT is particularly involved in improving the properties of the separating material in HPLC columns to enable a more efficient and effective working performance. For almost two years, AMT has been on the market with a highly successful product line: HALO™ High Performance Liquid Chromatography Columns. This product line is based on AMT’s Fused-CoreTM technology, which allows fast diffusion of the solute in and out of the 2.7-micron superficially porous particles. These unique particles eliminate the problems associated with high-pressure systems required for use with competitor separating materials having particle sizes of less than two micrometers. With certifiable expertise, the AMT team, some members of which have been successful in the field of HPLC technology for over 40 years, works mainly on solution approaches for difficult HPLC applications. The aim is to make Advanced Materials Technology the leading supplier of innovative products for separating processes.
Source: Capsulution NanoScience
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