Posted: July 22, 2008

mPhase/AlwaysReady Sponsors Nano Renewable Energy Summit

(Nanowerk News) mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB:XDSL.OB) today announced that Dr. Fred Allen, President and CEO of its AlwaysReady Inc. subsidiary, presented the company's breakthrough Smart Nanobattery technology at the Nano Renewable Energy Summit held in Denver, Colorado from July 20-22, 2008.
The Nano Renewable Energy Summit is a gathering of world-renowned experts at the intersection of renewable energy and nanotechnology, with a specific focus on the business, commercialization, and economic development potential of emerging technologies in the renewable energy and sustainability sectors.
Renewable energy includes all forms of energy that can easily be replenished, and that are not expected to run out within a measurable timeframe. Examples are solar, wind, geothermal, and tide energy. Because climate change and rising oil prices are becoming significant global concerns, more emphasis and resources are being directed toward renewable energy research and technology development. mPhase/AlwaysReady seeks to capitalize on this trend by positioning the Smart NanoBattery as a complementary power source to the other products and systems in development. For example, a solar powered device or network of devices may require reliable battery backup for days that are not sufficiently sunny to provide adequate power.
mPhase/AlwaysReady was also a top level sponsor and exhibitor at the event along with other public companies such as Altair Nanotechnology Inc. (ALTI), Luna Innovations Inc. (LUNA), and FEI Co. (FEIC) to name a few, symbolizing the significance of the renewable energy market. This Summit attracts experts at the forefront of the intersection of nanotechnology and renewable energy, and includes discussions of cleantech, solar energy, cross-industry collaboration, and current product commercialization efforts.
Said AlwaysReady CEO Fred Allen, "We are pleased to be a sponsor and exhibiter of the Nano Renewable Energy Summit. I look forward to interfacing with the leading industry experts at the conference and furthering our understanding of how the Smart NanoBattery fits into this dynamic and growing market."
More information about the event may be found at
About AlwaysReady, Inc.
AlwaysReady, Inc., a subsidiary of mPhase Technologies, Inc., is a micro and nanotechnology development company focused on advanced power and sensing solutions. AlwaysReady designs and develops proprietary technology by manipulating matter at the scale of atoms and molecules, controlling properties at the micro- and nanometer levels, and packaging solutions into products that provide value to customers. The smart battery offers a revolutionary approach to energy storage and power management.
Source: AlwaysReady, Inc.
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