Posted: July 29, 2008

Veeco Receives Multi-Unit Order from Spectrolab to Support Capacity Increase

(Nanowerk News) Veeco Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO) announced that during the recently completed second quarter the Company received a multi-unit order for its TurboDisc K-475 As/P (arsenic phosphide) metal organic chemical vapor (MOCVD) deposition systems from Boeing (NYSE: BA) Spectrolab Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of space solar cells and panels.
Engineered for the high-volume production of compound semiconductor materials, Veeco's TurboDisc As/P tools are being adopted by the industry as the "tool of choice" for high volume production of devices such as solar cells, red, orange and yellow HB-LEDs, laser diodes, pHEMTs and HBTs. The systems offer a level of process control and repeatability unmatched by competing MOCVD systems.
Sam DiRenzo, Vice President, General Manager, of Veeco's MOCVD business added, "We are pleased to receive this order from Spectrolab, and to continue to support their success as a world leader in advanced solar cell technology. Spectrolab's continued breakthroughs in this technology have the potential to lead to more cost-competitive solar electricity."
About Spectrolab Inc.
Spectrolab is the world's leading suppliers of photovoltaic solar cells, solar panels, searchlight and solar simulators, and is currently celebrating 50 years of supplying solar array panels to the space industry.
A unit of The Boeing Company, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is one of the world's largest space and defense businesses specializing in innovative and capabilities-driven customer solutions. Headquartered in St. Louis, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is a $32.1 billion business with 71,000 employees worldwide.
About Veeco
Veeco Instruments Inc. manufactures enabling solutions for customers in the HB-LED, solar, data storage, semiconductor, scientific research and industrial markets. We have leading technology positions in our three businesses: LED & Solar Process Equipment, Data Storage Process Equipment, and Metrology Instruments. Veeco's manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Arizona and Minnesota. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and APAC.
Source: Veeco
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