Posted: July 31, 2008

BudgetSensors Introduces a Calibration Standard with 500nm Step Height

(Nanowerk News) Following the introduction of the AFM height calibration standards HS-100MG and the HS-20MG, BudgetSensors, the Bulgarian manufacturer of silicon and silicon nitride probes, as well as AFM accessories for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), announces the commercial introduction of third type of AFM height calibration standard the HS-500MG.
Just as the height calibration standards HS-100MG and the HS-20MG, the HS-500MG features silicon dioxide structure arrays on a 5x5mm silicon chip. The fabrication process guarantees excellent uniformity of the structures across the chip. This in turn ensures easy and reliable Z-axis calibration of any AFM system.
Arrays of structures with different shape and pitch are integrated on each chip. Aside from Z-axis calibration, this design also allows X- and Y-axis calibration for bigger scanners (40-100m range).
The HS-500MG features structures with 500nm step height. With the introduction of the HS-500MG BudgetSensors customers can choose between height calibration standards with 3 different step heights: 20nm, 100nm and 500nm.
For more detailed product specifications, please visit or .
More calibration standards by BudgetSensors® are under development.
About BudgetSensors® and Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd.
BudgetSensors® is a trade mark of Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. Established in 2001 and located in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Innovative Solutions Bulgaria Ltd. offers a variety of products and services within its three divisions AFM Probes, Print & Design and Web & Programming.
The AFM Probe division manufactures and sells probes and accessories for Atomic Force Microscopes under the trade name of BudgetSensors® used by the most advanced R&D institutions worldwide. The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is one of the most important instruments for the Nanotechnology industry and research.
Source: BudgetSensors
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