Posted: July 31, 2008

Sniffing Out Trouble In Real Time

(Nanowerk News) QualSec (OTC: QLSC.OB)--Electronic noses have been used for years in the laboratories of NASA and other organizations. However, until now they have been impractical for use in the real world. Electronic noses have lacked portability, taken too long to produce useful results and have only been able to analyze lab-prepared samples.
Enter QualSec's Nano-Nose.
The Nano-Nose will revolutionize the electronic nose industry with its compact size and practical applicability. The lightweight device is hand held, and can detect and quantify analytes instantaneously. The Nano-Nose is also unique in its ability to analyze streaming air rather than just lab-controlled air samples, amplifying its real-world usability.
QualSec’s CEO J.E. Hand states “all other industry efforts to develop an e-Nose use some form of gas chromatography or rely on carbon polymer chips to react to a VOC. These approaches are fundamentally flawed because:
  • They require pre-concentration of air samples;
  • Can only test for the presence of a VOC;
  • Are less reliable when exposed to heat or moisture;
  • Require training of operators and recalibration of sensitive equipment;
  • Are effected by heat, moisture, and are only reliable in near laboratory conditions.
  • While others are attempting to shrink and transform existing laboratory equipment for field use, QualSec has approached the problem from a new vantage point, utilizing previously unconsidered nano-technology. QualSec's Nano-Nose has the capacity to finally meet the air detection needs of many markets, including the homeland security, food and beverage, environmental protection and health care industries.
    QualSec CEO Hand quipped, “Everyone else is trying to make their go-carts run faster, whereas QualSec offers a fully loaded luxury vehicle. “
    For further details on the Company and its products please visit the company’s website at
    Source: QualSec
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