Posted: August 6, 2008

Bio Nano Consulting and Oxford Immunotec Work Together to Improve Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Monitoring

(Nanowerk News) Bio Nano Consulting (BNC), a specialist bionanotechnology product development consultancy, announced that it has commenced a project with international T cell measurement company, Oxford Immunotec. BNC is applying its expertise in nano-characterisation to assist Oxford Immunotec in a project related to its novel Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSPOT (ELISPOT) system. As specialists in bio-nanotechnology, BNC is able to utilise the world-leading nano-characterisation facilities at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London.
Oxford Immunotec is commercialising a diagnostic test to detect tuberculosis (TB) based on its patented T-SPOT technology, effectively providing a new way to diagnose and monitor this deadly disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that almost 1.6 million deaths resulted worldwide from TB in 2005.
The developing field of bio-nanotechnology promises great advances in medicine, particularly in the areas of diagnostics and therapeutics. By collaborating with Oxford Immunotec, BNC are facilitating the development of precise, accurate techniques to diagnose and monitor infection and disease.
About Bio Nano Consulting
The BNC is a specialist research and development consultancy operating in the convergent field of bionanotechnology. A joint venture of Imperial College London and University College London, the BNC is funded through the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) with additional support from the London Development Agency (LDA).
Along with its partner organisation, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the BNC offers a service to the biomedical and healthcare industries in microsystems and nanotechnology. This encompasses design, 3-D modelling and visualisation, rapid prototyping, and characterisation.
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About Oxford Immunotec
Oxford Immunotec, the T cell measurement company is based in Oxford, UK and Marlborough, MA. The Company develops and sells clinical diagnostic products based on its patented T-SPOT® technology, the first regulatory approved method for directly quantifying antigen-specific T cells. T-SPOT is a simple and extremely accurate method of studying a personís cellular immune response to infection and can be applied to diagnose and monitor any major disease driven by a T cell response.
T-SPOT® is a trademark of Oxford Immunotec.
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Source: Bio Nano Consulting
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