Posted: August 6, 2008

SmartSilver Endorsed by Australian Wool Innovation to Protect Wool from Odor-Causing Microbes

(Nanowerk News) NanoHorizons Inc., a leader in the creation of nanoscale performance additives for the textile and medical industries, has been acknowledged by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) as producing an effective antimicrobial for wool and other natural fibers. After extensive testing, it has been determined that NanoHorizons’ SmartSilver Certified Antimicrobial Performance permanently guards wool fabrics against microbes that cause odor.
“We are proud that AWI has noted SmartSilver as one of the best choices for protecting wool fabrics,” says Dr. James Delattre, VP Global Marketing at NanoHorizons Inc. “Our nanoscale silver antimicrobial products are engineered to integrate seamlessly into the manufacturing process, resulting in beautiful, natural wool fabrics that are permanently free from odor.”
The nanotechnology behind SmartSilver protection allows it to bond permanently to fibers so it never wears off or washes out and lasts the life of the fabric. The nanoscale size also permits SmartSilver protection to work invisibly without compromising other performance attributes for Merino wool, such as total easy care, softeners, fire retardants, moisture management and UV protection.
NanoHorizons’ products are EPA registered and manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner.
Edwin Nazario, Senior Vice President of the America’s for AWI said, “SmartSilver Certified Antimicrobial Performance is a valuable and welcome innovation for wool fabrics. Now consumers can have the beauty and natural performance features Merino wool provides along with permanent protection from odor. SmartSilver provides new options for apparel and footwear designers, especially those in the active and outdoor markets where consumers strongly value odor resistance.”
Both NanoHorizons and AWI will be exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, August 8-11 in Salt Lake City. For more information about NanoHorizons’ SmartSilver Certified Antimicrobial Performance, visit SmartSilver Booth #255-208 or or call 814.861.9909.
About NanoHorizons Inc.
NanoHorizons Inc. ( is a leader in the emerging, cutting-edge field of practical nanotechnology for a broad range of consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. The company’s nanoscale silver antimicrobial additives, marketed globally to customers in the apparel, healthcare, and coatings and plastics industries under the SmartSilver™ brand, uniquely offer permanent, cost-effective bacterial control in a variety of products, including natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics. NanoHorizons’ experienced team of scientists, engineers, and operational managers provide product research, design, and development, laboratory testing, manufacture, and customer technical and sales support. The company is privately held and headquartered in Penn State University’s Innovation Park in State College, Pennsylvania.
About Australian Wool Innovation Ltd. (AWI)
Australian Wool Innovation is a non-profit organization working on behalf of over 35,000 wool growers in the areas of research and development, product innovation, and marketing. AWI assisted NanoHorizons through global networks and technical knowledge provision.
Source: NanoHorizons
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