Posted: August 8, 2008

NanoSteel Announces New Coating Solution for Boiler Erosion and Corrosion

(Nanowerk News) The NanoSteel® Company, a leader in nanostructured steel alloy surface technologies for industrial applications, announces the commercial availability of a new Super Hard Steel® alloy, SHS 8000, for coating solutions in the power generation industry that improves reliability and availability, and increases the lifetime of pressure parts over leading industry standard coatings.
SHS 8000 is a cored wire solution for twin wire arc thermal spraying that excels in the elevated temperature environments of pulverized coal and fluidized bed boilers. SHS 8000 features an ultra-refined crystalline microstructure, up to a thousand times finer than existing solutions, resulting in exceptional corrosion, erosion and wear resistance, a unique high hardness/toughness combination and extremely high bond strength without the necessity of a bond coat.
“SHS 8000 offers superior performance to current industry standard coatings,” says Dave Paratore, president and CEO. “SHS 8000 will reduce maintenance costs, minimize unplanned outages from tube failure and feature excellent field repairability.”
For a more detailed comparison of SHS 8000 to current industry standard coating solutions, visit
About NanoSteel Company
The NanoSteel Company, Inc., headquartered in Providence, R.I., develops and markets a patented portfolio of Super Hard Steel nanostructured alloy coating, overlay and wear plate solutions that effectively solve or alleviate many operational challenges faced in critical industries today, including wear, erosion and corrosion in a wide range of complex service environments. For additional information, call toll free 1-877-293-NANO or visit
Source: NanoSteel Company
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