Posted: August 11, 2008

From Aerosol-Technology Pioneer to Worldwide Recognized Technology Company - Palas GmbH Celebrates 25 Years

(Nanowerk News) In 1983, when Palas® Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Leander Mölter and his partner Friedrich Munzinger started with mass-producing devices for the generation and measurement of aerosols, they entered to a large extent new territories. Today, Palas® has 18 employees and plays a leading role in the development and production of filter test systems and optical aerosol spectrometers. The company’s know-how, the precision and the application variety are internationally in demand. At the beginning of 2008, the exports were about 60 per cent. Palas® products are used by many leading companies of the automotive, chemical and filter industry, in medical and environmental research, in the clean room technology as well as by universities and research centres.
„We offer our customers particle technological complete packages“, explains Mölter. „From the particle generation and measurement, the aerosol transport and the sampling over the calibration, the process technology, the engineering up to the interpretation of the results. Since the foundation of our company, it is our aim to offer highest quality and exactness in detail to our customers.”
Milestone in the company’s history: The welas® system
Over the years, after the initial concentration on the aerosol generation, the particle measurement moved into the focus. An important step was the development of the patented “T-aperture technology”. With this extremely exact technology, particles can be measured without border zone error and with coincidence detection. The white-light aerosol spectrometer system welas® is based on this innovation. Since 2003, welas® is the company’s success product and is continuously being improved.
Palas® was honoured with a recognition as part of the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Award 2003 for the development of the welas®. With different sensors, the modularly built system offers customizable solutions for a wide range of different measurement tasks.
Close co-operation with research, science and industry
Apart from the established product lines, customized special developments are also part of the Palas® core competencies. Services, training courses as well as regularly booked up seminars amend the range.
Contact and more information

Palas® GmbH

Greschbachstraße 3 b

76229 Karlsruhe, Deutschland

Tel.:+49 (0) 721 962 13-0

Fax:+49 (0) 721 962 13-33

E-Mail:[email protected]

Source: Palas GmbH
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