Posted: August 19, 2008

Tegal and CIMAC Enter Partnership to Bring Greater Efficiency and Throughput to Semiconductor Processing Equipment

(Nanowerk News) Semiconductor equipment supplier Tegal Corporation (NASDAQ:TGAL) and CIMAC, a leading software service solutions provider, announced today that they have entered into a partnership to create enhanced operating systems and user interfaces for Tegal AMS PVD thin film deposition systems.
The Tegal AMS™ PVD systems provide industry-leading performance for the reactive sputtering of aluminum nitride (AlN) films used to fabricate piezoelectric devices such as BAW and FBAR filters for the cell phone handset market. The AMS platform is one of Tegal's most recent product offerings for depositing and etching materials vital to MEMS device development and commercial manufacturing. CIMAC is providing software development for the tool operating system, the GUI user interface, and SECS/GEM communications.
Cluster Tool Enhancements
CIMAC has also been developing software enhancements for Tegal's current generation Endeavor line of PVD cluster tools. These enhancements include the development and deployment of improved SECS/GEM communications, and also software upgrades for managing the tool efficiency and throughput benefits created when a second vacuum load lock is added to the system.
"Our partnership with CIMAC has been both cost-effective and efficient," commented Jim Apffel, engineering director at Tegal. "We've been able to put our efforts toward our core competencies of PVD cluster tools and let CIMAC enhance the product lines with their expertise in software."
"This is a perfect example of our value added service," commented Yezala Abayneh, President & CEO of CIMAC. "For over 10 years we have been partnering with equipment suppliers to enhance the productivity of their current generation tools and to bring to market new tools with state-of-the art software capabilities."
About Tegal
Tegal provides process and equipment solutions to leading edge suppliers of advanced semiconductor, MEMS, and nanotechnology devices. Incorporating unique, patented etch and deposition technologies, Tegal's system solutions are backed by over 35 years of advanced development and over 100 patents. Some examples of devices enabled by Tegal technology are energy efficient memories found in portable computers, cellphones, PDAs and RFID applications; megapixel imaging chips used in digital and cellphone cameras; power amplifiers for portable handsets and wireless networking gear; and MEMS devices like accelerometers for automotive airbags, microfluidic control devices for ink jet printers; and laboratory-on-a-chip medical test kits.
CIMAC (pronounced See' mack) has been a leader in Factory Automation and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) solutions for the semiconductor industry over the last ten years. Founded in 1997 CIMAC engineers and program mangers are experts in the fields of Fab Connectivity & Control (FCC), Factory Software Systems (FSM), IT Services (ITS), Quality Assurance & ACM (QA) and Equipment Capability (ECM).
Source: CIMAC
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