Posted: August 21, 2008

NanoHorizons President to Present at International Nonwovens Technical Conference 2008

(Nanowerk News) Dr. Dan Hayes, president of NanoHorizons Inc., a leader in the creation of nanoscale antimicrobial performance additives, will address participants at the joint INDA-TAPPI International Nonwovens Technical Conference (INTC) at the Hilton Americas in Houston on Tuesday afternoon, September 9. His presentation is entitled “Nanoparticle Integration Strategies for Synthetic and Non-Synthetic Textiles”.
“Nanotechnology applications for technical textiles—especially nonwovens—have increased dramatically in recent years,” says Dr. Hayes. “But successful integration into the fiber and textile manufacturing process is critically important for both product performance and cost effectiveness.”
Dr. Hayes will present findings from a study comparing two methods for integrating silver nanoparticle additives into synthetic and non-synthetic polymer systems. Results from studies of three polymer systems will be examined: nylon 6,6/6, polypropylene, and cellulose. Dr. Hayes will compare and contrast test results quantifying antimicrobial performance and permanence in fabrics made of each polymer type. Additionally, Dr. Hayes will explain the manufacturing and environmental benefits that nanotechnology affords.
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About NanoHorizons Inc.
NanoHorizons Inc. ( is a leader in the emerging field of practical nanotechnology for a broad range of consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. NanoHorizons’ SmartSilver™ certified antimicrobial performance uniquely offers permanent, cost-effective bacterial control in a variety of products, including natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics. The company’s nanoscale silver antimicrobial additives are marketed globally to the apparel, healthcare, and coatings and plastics industries. NanoHorizons’ experienced team of scientists, engineers, and operational managers provides research and development, product design, laboratory testing, manufacture, and customer technical and sales support. The company is privately held and headquartered in Penn State University’s Innovation Park in State College, Pennsylvania.
Source: NanoHorizons
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