LDK Solar's Wafer Plant Reaches 1 GW Milestone

(Nanowerk News) LDK Solar Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of solar wafers, announced today that the company held a ceremony celebrating its wafer plant reaching the milestone of 1.0 GW annualized capacity. This event was hosted by Mr. Xiaofeng Peng, Founder, Chairman and CEO in Xinyu, China on August 23, 2008.
"I would like to congratulate our team on their remarkable speed in expanding wafer production capacity and their success in reaching the 1.0 GW milestone ahead of schedule," commented Chairman Peng. "We are pleased to achieve one of the fastest capacity ramps within the solar industry as we expand our production capabilities to meet the continued strong demand from our growing global customer base."
"We are proud to reach this significant milestone and remain confident in our ability to expand to 1.2 GW wafer capacity by the end of 2008. This achievement demonstrates our continued commitment to becoming the largest and lowest cost wafer producer in the solar industry," concluded Mr. Peng.
LDK Solar's 1.0 GW production capacity is in line with the company's publicly announced plans to reach a target annualized wafer production capacity of up to 1.2 GW by the end of 2008, 2.2 GW by the end of 2009 and 3.2 GW by the end of 2010.
In addition, the company today provided the following preliminary outlook for 2009.
2009 Financial Outlook:
Revenue: Between $2.8 billion and $3.0 billion
Wafer shipments: Between 1.45 GW to 1.55 GW
Source: LDK Solar (press release)
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