Graphene Substrate Made in Germany

(Nanowerk News) AMO GmbH, well known manufacturer and service provider in the area of silicon nanotechnology now offers large graphene crystallites for research.
Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms, has moved into the focus of interest of scientists due to its extraordinary physical properties. Graphene is a promising material in particular for nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and nanomechanics.
AMOs graphene crystallites are deposited by exfoliation on silicon chips covered by a thin SiO2 layer. The graphene crystallites are available in monolayer, bilayer and larger thicknesses. An improved fabrication technique allows larger crystallites with dimensions up to above 100 m.
The offered substrates are mainly suited for research and development activities in the field of graphene, for fabrication of nanoelectronic devices and for investigation of the widely unknown material properties.
AMO itself is active in research and development of graphene nanodevices and intents to support other research groups worldwide with the supply of high-quality graphene substrates.
AMO offers its range of products to interested groups via an online catalogue and provides additional services around graphene.
AMO is a private research service provider, located in Aachen, Germany. AMO provides services in the field of nanotechnology and is manufacturer of measurement systems for ultrafast data acquisition. The company has fabrication and research capacities for electronic and optical devices. Based on an exclusive technology range in Nanolithography, Nanoelectronics, and photonics devices and components with minimum dimensions of only a few nanometers can be realised.
Source: AMO (press release)
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