Rohm and Haas Introduces New Production Technology to Increase Solar Cell Efficiency

(Nanowerk News) Rohm and Haas Company will introduce its new line of EnlightTM products for photovoltaic manufacturers at this year's 23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (PVSEC) in Valencia, Spain (stand 2C/14, Hall 2, Feria Valencia).
The EnlightTM product suite of innovative materials improves traditional solar cell processing by increasing cell efficiency and increasing manufacturing yields.
  • Enlight™ SilverPlate 620 for PV metallization offers an improved Light Induced Plating (LIP) solution over our first generation product. This new technology can increase cell efficiencies by as much as 0.6% compared to standard paste processes.
  • Enlight™ JetResist 1310 for PV imaging is a hot melt ink that is compatible with most drop-on-demand inkjet systems. The product has resolution capability down to 60um and is compatible with most etches, including BOE, HF and cupric chloride.
  • Enlight™ JetStrip 1210 Stripper is optimized to remove JetResist 1310 with fast stripping speeds. It can be used in either spray or immersion equipment configurations and will not attack underlying emitter layers.
  • Enlight™ Wafer Clean 320 Series for PV cleaning has been optimized to allow for customized cleaning and etching performance while being compatible with mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline substrates.
  • "Rohm and Haas entered the PV market in 2006 with unique technology that improves cell efficiency and increases manufacturing yield," said Bob Ferguson, vice president and business unit director in Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials. "Since then, we've worked with many leading PV companies to enhance and broaden our product portfolio. When you combine strong customer support, our passion for technical excellence, and the introduction of our newest Enlight™ products, we're excited about what we can offer—and the material difference we can make—to the renewable energy industry," he said.
    EnlightTM photovoltaic materials offer a broad range of products for various photovoltaic applications, including:
    Enlight™ Caustic Texturizer 100 Series
    Enlight™ Acidic Texturizer 200 Series
    Enlight™ Electroless Nickel 700 Series
    Enlight™ Electroless Copper 900 Series
    Enlight™ Electrolytic Copper 400 Series
    Enlight™ Electrolytic Tin 500 Series
    Enlight, Rohm and Haas and Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials are trademarks of Rohm and Haas Company or its affiliates.
    About Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials
    Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials develops and delivers innovative material solutions and processes to the electronic and optoelectronic industries. Focused on the circuit board, semiconductor manufacturing, advanced packaging, display and photovoltaic industries, its products and technologies are integral elements in electronic devices around the world.
    Source: Rohm and Haas (press release)
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