Russian reformer Chubais to head Russian Nanotechnology Corporation

(Nanowerk News) Anatoly Chubais, one of Russia's main supporters of market-friendly reforms and former chief of now-defunct power monopoly RAO UES, will head up the state-owned Rosnanotech, Vedomosti newspaper reported on Thursday.
The business daily said Chubais would take up the post of chief executive from September and would play an active role, according to a source close to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's administration.
But it noted that the decision has not yet been finalised, and last-minute negotiations were going on in the Kremlin. Rosnanotech, also known as Nanotechnology Corporation, is one of several organisations created last year to jump-start investment in infrastructure and non-energy sectors.
Vedomosti said it was the challenge of transforming the economy from a resource focus to an innovation focus that had attracted Chubais to the job.
His old firm UES was formed in the early 1990s as a stopgap between the Soviet command system and privatisation. With its assets sold or spun off, and a liberalised domestic power market in the works, it ceased to exist earlier this year.
Source: Reuters
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