NanoGram Selects OTB as Partner for its Solar Module Pilot Plant

(Nanowerk News) NanoGram Corporation, a leading developer and licensor of advanced products and solutions for optical, electronic and energy applications, today announced that it has selected OTB as one of its contributing partners in building out the company's solar pilot plant currently under construction in Milpitas, CA.
NanoGram will use the facility to scale-up their award-winning SilFoil™ technology for solar modules that will deliver the product performance and reliability of wafer-based crystalline silicon modules at prices competitive with thin film modules. Comprised of a set of proprietary processes, the SilFoil technology has as one of its cornerstones NanoGram's laser reactive deposition (LRDTM) process. The US Department of Energy recently recognized NanoGram's photovoltaic approach with an Energy Innovator Award.
OTB has a proven track record for helping Fortune 100 companies build lines in the solar, electronics and industrial arenas by providing production equipment and technologies that enable manufacturers to expand their businesses while realizing efficiencies and cost reductions. The announcement of this partnership is the culmination of months of collaboration to design and specify key portions of the NanoGram facility.
"By partnering with OTB we are integrating the expertise and proprietary technology of two companies working to speed the time-to-market of NanoGram's SilFoil technology," said Dr Kieran Drain, president and CEO of NanoGram Corporation. "OTB is helping us to deliver affordable, highly efficient, and reliable photovoltaic modules to the renewable energy market."
"NanoGram's technology can revolutionize the solar industry with a new generation of solar cells that increases efficiency and productivity and reduces costs," said Dr Paul Breddels, CEO of OTB Group. "OTB has the process engineering know how as well as proprietary inkjet printing and laser technologies to build the equipment that effectively produces this next generation solar cell with higher efficiency at lower costs. This partnership represents a great opportunity to take solar cell production to the next level."
The NanoGram solar pilot plant is expected to be commissioned in Q2 2009.
About NanoGram
NanoGram Corporation (Milpitas, CA, USA) is a pioneer and leading Cleantech solutions provider that enables customers and partners to realize product and system performance previously thought impossible. NanoGram develops, manufactures, and sells silicon-based photovoltaics as well as advanced nanomaterials, process technologies, and production tools for optical, electronic and energy products. NanoGram also offers complete licensing packages that include proven materials production processes, surface modification and dispersion technologies, process transfer expertise, and ongoing support. The NanoGram KK office in Shinjuku, Tokyo supports its growing presence in Japan, while the NanoGram Korea office in Seoul serves local customers in that country. NanoGram has established a strategic development and manufacturing supply relationship with Nagase & Co., Ltd. / Nagase ChemteX Corporation. Additional information about NanoGram is available at
About OTB
OTB Group BV (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) is a leading company in the design, engineering, development and manufacturing of inline production equipment. OTB has globally patented technologies in the field of ultra fast deposition of thin film, inkjet printing and inline automation. By integrating these breakthrough proprietary and patented technologies into tailor-made solutions and inline concepts OTB has created a strong competitive edge for growth and profitability. The headquarters of OTB are located in Eindhoven, with regional sales and service offices in the US (Ohio), Near-East (New Delhi) and Asia (Hong Kong, Taipeh, Singapore and Manilla). Additional information about OTB is available at
Source: NanoGram (press release)
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