American Elements Announces I-Mite Indium Nanoparticles for Next Generation Transparent Anti-Static Packaging and Coatings

(Nanowerk News) American Elements announced today I-Mite™, a new nanoscale indium powder, which can be produced in commercial scale batches to meet the needs of many recently developed transparent anti-static coatings and surfaces.
I-Mite™ combines anti-static, transparency, and scratch resistant properties to create an ideal next generation material for electronic packaging, flat panel displays, clean room surfaces and many other applications. Additionally, I-Mite™ indium nanoparticles are electronically conductive. This property is currently being investigated for application in future photovoltaic (solar energy) cell designs and in medical and bioscience imaging technologies.
For further technical and pricing information on the full line of American Elements' nanomaterial products, please contact your local American Elements distributor or American Elements U.S. corporate headquarters at (1)310-208-0551, FAX (1)310-208-0351 or mailto:[email protected]
American Elements is a leading manufacturer and supplier of engineered and advanced material products with manufacturing and distribution offices in Europe, Asia and South America.
Source: American Elements (press release)
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