Italian Companies Develop New Materials for the Creation of Plastic Photovoltaic Solar Panels

(Nanowerk News) Quantumatica Srl, specializing in quantum optical effects and liaison with the academia R&D, has signed an agreement with a large American university for the development of a new polymer with photovoltaic properties suitable for extrusion process. Bandera Spa is a worldwide leading company, based in Italy, that specializes in the design and manufacture of complete plastic extrusion lines.
Bandera has created a Nanotechnology division with the goal to implement nanotechnology applications in the plastic-working field. It has deposited a patent for the carrying out of a multilayer film that will allow the reduction in costs of plastic solar panels.
Bandera is working on the improvement of polymer mechanical properties through the selection, modification and dispersion of nanofillers - natural nanoclays and/or synthetic nanopowders.
Quantumatica will help to implement quantum entanglement effects in order to improve the efficiency, via a larger usable spectrum of light and involve international partners interested in such innovative approach.
Bandera is looking for further agreements, in order to develop new intelligent plastic products and also to improve the production process and reduce the cost, of plastic substrates for electronic and usual photovoltaic applications.
Established in 1947 Bandera has produced more than 20,000 machineries. Recently it has boosted its presence on the market by focusing on three different main applications: blown film, foils & sheets, pipes (thermoplastic and steel pipe coating technology).
Giovanni A. della Rossa, president of Quantumatica and head of Bandera Nanotech division, will be attending the conference and looking for international cooperation. – T: +34 634 64 92 80 - E: gadr[.] Husa Dimar Hotel – Valencia T: +34.96.395.10.30.
Source: Luigi Bandera Spa (press release)
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