Stratosphere Solutions Selected for Variability Characterization Platform for 45nm

(Nanowerk News) Stratosphere Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of semiconductor IP and analysis tools that reduce the impact of variability on performance and parametric yield, today announced that Renesas Technology Corp., one of the world's leading semiconductor system solutions providers for mobile, automotive, and PC/AV (Audio Visual) markets, has selected StratoPro-STX™ variability characterization platform for their 45 nanometer advanced SoC technology development and production usage.
Random and systematic process variability is a significant cause of parametric yield loss and higher design margins at 65nm and 45nm. Deterministic physical models and basic process characterization methods of using simple devices or a few ring oscillators are not sufficient to improve parametric yield. Using StratoPro-STX, engineers incorporate complex devices within their characterization infrastructure, extract within-die statistics such as mean and 3-sigma and pin-point the exact location of any failing device while minimally using scarcely available tester resources. StratoPro-STX results empower engineers to rigorously characterize variability during technology development, ramp parametric yield, and model local, global, and random variations.
"At 45nm nodes and below, a test vehicle that provides high resolution measurements consuming lowest test time within a very small area per reticle is a must-have for characterizing variability and developing accurate statistical models," said Yasuo Yamaguchi, Chief Engineer, SOC Device Technology Dept., Production Technology Development Div. at Renesas Technology Corp. "We looked at various solutions and decided that Stratosphere Solutions' StratoPro-STX™ silicon IP platform meets our requirements and fits well within our existing tools infrastructure and methodology. StratoPro allows our engineers to be in full control of proprietary process data, retain technical know-how, and continuously drive parametric yields higher."
"We are excited that Renesas has selected our StratoPro-STX™ product for 45nm parametric variability characterization," said Prashant Maniar, Chief Strategy Officer, Stratosphere Solutions, Inc. "Renesas is emblematic of our typical customer, where our product empowers internal engineering teams to be more productive and reduce cost of ramping up parametric yield in the subsequent development cycles. Renesas has been an excellent early adopter partner and we are delighted to add Renesas to our growing IDM and fab-lite customer list."
About Stratosphere Solutions
Stratosphere Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of an innovative parametric yield & performance improvement solution including a silicon-proven IP platform and modeling applications empowering customers to reduce impact of variability on performance and parametric yield. Its customer base includes leading worldwide semiconductor companies building products utilizing processes from 130nm to 45nm. For additional information, visit
Source: Stratosphere Solutions (press release)
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