Electro Scientific Industries Opens Semiconductor Products Demonstration Center in Korea

(Nanowerk News) Electro Scientific Industries, Inc., a leading provider of world-class photonic and laser systems for micro-engineering applications, today announced the opening of its new demonstration center in Anyang, Korea, situated approximately twenty-five miles south of Seoul. The center will be used by ESI to demonstrate the process capabilities of its Cignis tool, as well as other semiconductor products. The facility will be supported by both Korean and U.S. personnel on a rotational basis, and will enable the Company to better train and instruct its Asian-based employees on the various semiconductor systems it offers.
"This demo center will allow us to demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of our newly launched Cignis product, as well as our other semiconductor products, in a hands-on, cleanroom environment. We selected this site primarily for its proximity to our customers," said Nick Konidaris, president and CEO of ESI. "Conducting product demonstrations close to a major customer base enables us to perform more in-depth process studies with multiple customers. This type of arrangement will foster direct customer feedback. It will also assist us in establishing closer collaborations with our customers' technology developments, while providing us with additional traction in the eastern Asia Pacific region."
ESI's Korea demo center features a Class-1000 cleanroom, a necessary component in today's successful semiconductor manufacturing facilities. As a result, the demo center will also be used as a customer co-development site, enabling ESI to continue penetrating the thin-wafer dicing, CMOS image sensor dicing, and wafer scribing markets. The new demo center is located in the Venture Digm building, a site that is currently occupied by several other technology-oriented companies. This location was selected most notably for its optimal geographic location that will enable ESI to more readily support its customers in Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
About ESI, Inc.
ESI is a pioneer and leading supplier of world-class photonic and laser systems that help its microelectronics customers achieve compelling yield and productivity gains. The company's industry-leading, application-specific products enhance electronic-device performance in three key sectors -- semiconductors, components and electronic interconnect -- by enabling precision fine-tuning of device microfeatures in high-volume manufacturing environments. Founded in 1944, ESI is headquartered in Portland, Ore. More information is available at www.esi.com.
Source: Electro Scientific Industries (press release)
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