X-FAB Sarawak Set to Begin Volume Production of 350 nm Analog/Mixed-Signal High-Voltage Technology

(Nanowerk News) X-FAB Silicon Foundries, the world's leading foundry for the production of analog/digital integrated circuits, today announced that its Malaysian facility in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia with its modern 200 mm production line now is fully qualified for volume production and second sourcing of the company's 0.35 micrometer high-voltage process technology called XH035. This process technology is ideal for a wide variety of applications including RF and power management, low-power and high-precision mixed-signal circuits, analog front-ends for sensors, mixed-signal embedded systems, systems-on-chip (SoCs) and automotive applications.
The flexible XH035 CMOS technology can be expanded easily with a full range of add-on modules including three- and four-layer metallization, a second gate-oxide for transistors with varying breakdown voltages of up to 50 Volts, well isolated 3.3 and 5-Volt transistors, and EEPROM storage blocks. Full front- and back-end modularity creates a lean process flow and optimizes the number of mask layers. The process also meets the rigorous AEC-Q100 standard for automotive applications.
The XH035 process comes with a large variety of active and passive devices to address analog/mixed-signal design needs. These devices include high-voltage NMOS, PMOS and DMOS transistors, double-poly and MIM capacitors, high-ohmic and low-TC resistors. In addition, the process offers excellent matching, low on-resistance high-voltage devices and embedded NVM options. It also features a variety of dense standard cell libraries optimized for area, speed, low power or low noise; and I/O libraries, including ESD support and numerous verified analog IP libraries.
In addition, RF CMOS building block extensions are available for applications up to 2.4 GHz, for Bluetooth, WLAN and ISM transmitters/receivers.
The next process extension, already in the Conditional Release development phase, will offer a very compact single poly EEPROM cell 30-percent smaller than the current EEPROM, and with two fewer mask layers. Designs and risk production can be started now on this extended process version.
Source: X-FAB Silicon Foundries (press release)
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