Leonardo Venture Increases Stake in Multicoating Specialist InovisCoat

(Nanowerk News) Leonardo Venture GmbH & Co. KGaA increased its shareholding in its portfolio company InovisCoat GmbH acquired in November 2006 by 7.76 percent. In doing so, Leonardo Venture now holds 48.94 percent of the shares. In addition, a silent participation of EUR 1.3 m has also been agreed.
InovisCoat erected recently a high-performance Multicoating plant at the new company´s headquarter in Monheim. This plant has a factory price in the middle double-digit million range and was acquired at favourable terms. It places InovisCoat in a position to cover a higher share of the value added chain. The accrued financial funds are therefore being used for the extension of the production capacity and the development of new business fields.
About InovisCoat
The technology of InovisCoat GmbH originally stems from the photographic industry and is used in the life sciences, material sciences and nanotechnology areas. With it, coatings of up to ten individual layers can be manufactured. The individual coats can have different functionalities and are only a few microns thick. These extremely precise Multicoatings are used among other things, in photographic products, security systems, scratchproof displays and in the area of drug delivery products (e.g. active ingredient patches).
Source: Leonardo Venture (press release)
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