Cymer Launches Argon Fluoride Laser Source for 32 Nanometer Dry Lithography

(Nanowerk News) Cymer, Inc., the market's leading developer of light sources used to create advanced semiconductor chips, has unveiled the XLR 500d--an argon fluoride (ArF) laser light source for 32 nanometer (nm) dry lithography. Expanding Cymer's market leadership with the adoption of its XLR technology, the XLR 500d offers advanced capabilities developed in the XLR 500i for advanced ArF immersion lithography. The light source's enhanced energy stability enables the use of fewer pulses per exposure, providing chipmakers with increased throughput and an overall reduction in operating costs.
"Over the past year, chipmaker and scanner customers have rapidly adopted Cymer's XLR platform for immersion lithography," said Ed Brown, president and chief operating officer for Cymer. "With the introduction of the new XLR 500d, customers can now have access to all the advantages of our proven XLR platform for dry lithography as well as their advanced ArF immersion applications."
As lithography is deployed into full 32nm production environments, Cymer's XLR 500d will bring the critical advantages of the XLR 500i into the dry ArF market. In addition to its proven Recirculating Ring technology and lower cost of consumables through longer life modules, customer benefits include improved energy and dose stability, better bandwidth stability leading to improved critical dimension (CD) uniformity on the wafer, and a longer interval between gas refills, made possible with Cymer's gas lifetime eXtension (GLX2TM) product -- a stand-alone laser upgrade first introduced in November 2007 that extends the time between gas exchanges by a factor of 20.
Initial orders for the XLR 500d have been received and shipments are scheduled for the third and fourth quarter of 2008.
About Cymer
Cymer, Inc. is a market leader in developing laser light sources, used by nearly every major chipmaker around the world to manufacture advanced semiconductor chips. For more than two decades, Cymer has created light sources that are essential in creating the technology that impacts the way people work, communicate and play each day. Whether one has an iPod, computer, Blackberry or other electronic item, chances are Cymer's light helped create the chip inside. In addition, Cymer is leading the industry in its transition to extreme ultra-violet lithography, the next viable technology needed to manufacture smaller, faster chips. In 2007, Cymer was named one of the "100 Fastest Growing Tech Companies" in the world by CNN Money/Business 2.0. The company was founded and is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. and supports its customers from two dozen offices around the globe. Additional information may be found at
Source: Cymer (press release)
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