New Bullet Proof Vest Utilizes Fabric-Coating Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) N-Force™ ballistic vest is the latest development in soft flexible body armor from First Choice Armor (FCA) utilizing the super-advanced power of Nano-RepelŪ. N-Force™ is certified in NIJ 0101.04/2005 Interim requirements in Level II for both male and female. This new ballistic vest comes standard with a sleek new carrier design with diamond-rip-stop nylon construction and low-profile hook-and-loop suspension strap system. The unique design of the carrier lends itself to easily inserting 7" x 10" trauma inserts. Additionally, FCA's exclusive Life-Shell™ or Kap™ Plate inserts available in sizes 5" X 8" and 7" x 10" step up concealable protection. These knife and spike certified trauma products can be worn with the standard N-Force™ carrier.
Nano-RepelŪ is utilized exclusively in this new vest series, N-Force™ from First Choice Armor. "It's in the fabric" is a great way to describe the unique characteristics of this patent-pending Nano-RepelŪ. This fabric-coating technology, Nano-RepelŪ uses hydrocarbon chains that are created during the impregnation process to form a fortification matrix around the ballistic material microscopically. This technology incorporates a phase change mechanism that enhances its energy absorption properties and allows the energy of a projectile (bullet) to dissipate over greater area of the ballistic (vest) panel. Independent testing reveals significantly decreased trauma and back face signature readings, exceptional resistance to environmental conditioning, and higher V-50 results.
"FCA focuses on building products and services that offer distinct value -- and set us apart from the pack," states Daniel Walsh, president of First Choice Armor. "N-Force™ is just another example of FCA's unique, functional product offering for the law enforcement and security forces community."
Currently, the N-Force™ ballistic vest Series is available in Level II for male and female, and Level IIIA is pending NIJ certification. To find out details on a dealer near you to order or for more information please contact us at 800-882-7667 (828-288-6680) or email us at [email protected] .
About First Choice Armor
First Choice Armor & Equipment, Inc., located in Spindale, North Carolina, is a leading global provider of body armor systems for law enforcement, Homeland Security and military personnel. As an ISO 9001:2000-registered company, First Choice has pioneered among other things the development of vehicle armor, innovative ballistic/stab-shank resistant vests and protective equipment that are state-of-the-art, lightweight and comfortable.
Source: First Choice Armor (press release)
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