Enthone Acquires Ormecon GmbH, a Supplier of Nanodispersions for Solar Cells

(Nanowerk News) The acquisition further strengthens Enthone's market leading printed wiring board (PWB) surface finishes product portfolio, while bolstering the company's plan to offer a platform of new coatings technologies for a wide range of electronics, functional and decorative metal applications.
Ormecon GmbH is an emerging technology company, with its primary focus being PWB final finishes. The company has established a growing and leading market presence with its ORMECON® CSN immersion tin process. Ormecon's intensive development of conductive polymers and nano dispersions has allowed it to offer products for photovoltaic/solar cells, OLEDs, and electroluminescence (EL) applications, as well as conductive coatings for the automotive industry, EMI shielding, and indium tin oxide (ITO) replacements. Additionally, Ormecon has made significant advancements in new materials for corrosion protection, polymer electronics, organic light emitting diodes, and anti-static coatings.
Huub van Dun, President Enthone said, "Both Enthone and Ormecon are global leaders to the PWB surface finishes segment, making this acquisition an excellent strategic fit. The combination of Ormecon and Enthone is an enabling pathway for Enthone to further strengthen and expand our leadership as the premier supplier of PWB surface finishes, while developing new technologies to both existing and new, emerging markets"
Enthone is the world's leading supplier of PWB hot air solder leveling (HASL) alternatives as witnessed by the industry's OEM acceptance and fabricator use of the company's ENTEK® PLUS HT organic solderability preservative (OSP) and AlphaSTAR® immersion silver finishes. In addition to the ORMECON® CSN immersion tin, Ormecon recently introduced a new class of "Organic Metal Nanofinishes," tangibly demonstrating its technology driven excellence to offer advanced coating technologies to the electronics marketplace.
"Our immersion tin and the new nanofinish technology will greatly benefit from Enthone's broad market presence," said Dr. Bernhard Wessling, CEO of Ormecon GmbH. "We believe that by becoming a part of Enthone, we will increase our market share and realize growth potentials in the PWB segment, while placing a higher emphasis on developing our new technologies towards industrial applications. The dedicated customer contacts of Enthone will enhance our offering and proximity to the industry. We will be stronger in the marketplace, and provide new challenges for our employees." Optimization of the combined operational, technical, and commercial organizations worldwide is presently underway.
Source: Enthone (press release)
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