Posted: September 9, 2008

SA Photonics To Build Space-Qualified MEMS Switch System For U.S. Air Force

(Nanowerk News) SA Photonics, an engineering company focused on photonics-based solutions, today announced its win of the US Air Force Phase 2 SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contract to build a space-qualified MEMS switch system, using the Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical switch module.
Under the terms of the contract, SA Photonics will build and test a ruggedized version of an all optical 3D MEMS switch system. SA Photonics selected the Glimmerglass switch as the core switch module, embedding the switch engine within a specialized housing suitable for use in space.
“The explosion in the amount of data gathered and shipped around the world is driving the expansion of satellite as well as terrestrial networks,” said SA Photonics president Jim Coward. “Optical switches offer enormous flexibility and efficiency in relation to their cost and physical size, so they are an obvious pick for space use.”
SA Photonics believes that its experience in fielding space-borne hardware, their adaption of a robust and commercially proven technology, the Glimmerglass switch’s exceptionally small form factor, and the close working relationship between the two companies were all factors in the contract award.
“We’re very pleased by SA Photonics’ and the Air Force’s confidence in our technology,” said Robert Lundy, CEO of Glimmerglass. “While our products are known for their field reliability and remote access management, this location will be the most extreme example of “remote” that we’ve encountered.”
SA Photonics
SA Photonics specializes in the development and deployment of photonics-based solutions for both commercial and government applications. Its expertise in space-qualified hardware, opto-mechanical design, and complex analog and digital engineering is strengthened by its personnel’s decades of experience in fielding hardware in challenging space, avionic, and ground-based environments. For further information on SA Photonics, please visit
About Glimmerglass
Glimmerglass provides powerful, flexible dynamic wavelength management solutions. Customers deploy Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switches to create, monitor and protect wavelengths in networks supporting land-based and undersea telecommunications systems, data centers, peering exchanges, government networks, and video networks. Glimmerglass switches provide customers with the industry’s lowest-loss, low-profile, non-blocking and fully transparent switching, scalable from 24 to 190 ports. For further information, please visit
Source: SA Photonics (press release)
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