Posted: September 11, 2008

Developer of the NanoNose Establishes Operations in Research Triangle

(Nanowerk News) QualSec (OTC:QLSC.OB), developer of the NanoNose, has announced it has moved operations from North Logan, Utah to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Chapel Hill is part of North Carolina's acclaimed Research Triangle; the collaborative and innovative climate and a proximity to world-renowned research universities have helped the region become one of the most prominent high-tech research and development centers in the United States.
"The talent pool alone would be reason enough for the move," said QualSec CEO J. E. Hand. "We believe access to cutting edge technology is critical for QualSec's continued success. We expect to announce key hires in the coming days."
QualSec's NanoNose is the next generation of electronic nose (e-nose) technology, employing proprietary nanotechnology breakthroughs to instantaneously analyze and quantify airborne particles for the homeland security, health care, environmental, petrochemical, and food industries.
In 2005, the Triangle was named the most high-tech region of the U.S. by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the best city for biotechnology by the Milken Institute. In 2004, Forbes named the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill one of the most entrepreneurial campuses in the nation.
For further details on the company and its products please visit the company's website at
Source: QualSec (press release)
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