Posted: September 18, 2008

5th Annual Meeting of the Accelrys Nanotechnology Consortium on October 15-17

(Nanowerk News) Accelrys, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACCL), a leader in Computer Aided Nanodesign™ (CAN), announced its 5th Annual Meeting of the Nanotechnology Consortium. Scientists from leading companies and research organizations from across the world will get together in San Diego, California October 15-17, 2008, to discuss the latest software developments supporting materials and process development.
A key focus of this Consortium is on developing tools and protocols that bridge the gap between atomistic simulations and engineering applications in the area of reaction kinetics. In particular, the software toolset is being extended to provide chemical engineering parameters such as rate constants, and enable engineering and molecular approaches to connect via methods such as Kinetic Monte Carlo.
"The solutions are designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enable faster innovation which is what our customers are demanding in this competitive landscape," said Mark J. Emkjer, president and chief executive officer of Accelrys.
About Nanotechnology Consortium
Recognizing the challenges facing organizations who are undertaking advanced materials and nanotechnology research, Accelrys, its scientific advisors and customers joined together to form the Accelrys Nanotechnology Consortium in July 2004. The Consortium gives members the opportunity to work in collaboration with scientific thought-leaders to steer Accelrys' development of leading-edge modeling and simulation software technology. It aims to give members a competitive market advantage by providing exclusive rights to technology. Following a very successful Phase I, supported by over 30 members worldwide, Phase II is now under way. Phase II focuses on technology integration, with goals to deliver flexible software solutions that address the advanced materials and nanotechnology-based industries' need for a more engineering-oriented approach to nanotechnology, delivering Computer Aided Nanodesign (CAN). For more information about the Accelrys Nanotechnology Consortium, visit its website at
About Accelrys
Accelrys develops and commercializes scientific business intelligence software for the aggregation, mining, integration, analysis, modeling and simulation, management and interactive reporting of scientific data. Our solutions are used by biologists, chemists, materials scientists, and information technology professionals for product design as well as drug discovery and development. Our technology and services are designed to meet the needs of today's leading research and development organizations including leading commercial, government and academic organizations. Many of the largest pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, energy, aerospace and consumer packaged goods companies worldwide use our solutions. Accelrys is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information about Accelrys, visit its website at
Source: Accelrys (press release)
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