Posted: September 19, 2008

Awa Paper and Finetex Technology Jointly Develop a High Performance Nano Filter

(Nanowerk News) Awa Paper Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of various specialty paper products in Tokushima, Japan, announced that they have jointly developed a new filter media with Finetex Technology Global Limited ("Finetex Technology") from Hong Kong. The new filter media is coated with Finetex Technology's nanofiber web on its surface for automobile engine and gas turbine application.
Nano fiber web is made of 50-300 nano meter fibers, which spreads like a spider web in order to form a nanofiber in the sheet format.
Awa Paper is planning to launch this new product coming fall and expecting 2 billion yen from its sales.
This new filter media was jointly developed as a combination of Finetex Technology's nanofiber production technology and Awa Paper's engine filter technology.
Compared to the current conventional air filter used in engines, the new filter product has 50% more dust holding capacity for micro particles such as carbon dust and doubled lifetime. It also makes the filter smaller and gives more space for more efficient engine room design and better fuel economy.
Based on this achievement of Awa Paper and Finetex Technology, major newspapers in Japan such as Tokushima Daily, Automobile Daily, and Nikkei Business Daily have published articles about the new technology and the future success.
With the successful joint development of nano filter product with Awa Paper, Finetex Technology extended its nanofiber products to passenger vehicle engines and industrial gas turbine market.
J.C Park, the CEO and founder of Finetex Technology Global Limited, said, "This development will provide the initial step in the Japanese filtration market and a great stepping stone for our future business worldwide."
About Finetex Technology Global Limited
Finetex Technology Global Limited is a developer of their unique electrostatic spinning process to manufacture nano-scale fibers and structures on a mass scale production. The nanofibers and structures from Finetex Technology can be used in a wide-range of applications such as automotive, textile, and many other industries. For more information, please visit
About Awa Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Awa Paper is a leading manufacturer of specialty and intelligent paper products in Japan. Awa Paper's main products include filter paper, reverse osmosis membrane backing paper, battery separator paper, and other specialty paper products. For more information, please visit
Source: Finetex Technology (press release)
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