Posted: September 19, 2008

Natco Makes Nanotechnology Debut With Launch of Breast Cancer Drug Albupax

(Nanowerk News) Natco Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company, has launched Albupax, its first nanotechnology drug.
Albupax is the first generic version of the international brand – Abraxane of Abraxis BioSciences, USA, with sales of approximately US$375 million. Albupax has been indigenously developed by Natco in India and is the first albumin bound Paclitaxel in nanoparticle to be developed in India.
Albupax, consists of Paclitaxel in an albumin bound nanoparticle form, is used in the treatment of breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer is on the rise in India, and currently over a lakh new patients are added every year. By 2015, the number of new cases are likely to go upto 2 lakh every year, a Natco press release stated.
Albupax replaces the conventional Paclitaxel and has the advantage of having least side effects. In the conventional Paclitaxel, the solvent polyethylated castor oil is used, which causes severe side effects such as neutropenia, hyper-sensitivity reactions and neuropathy. Albupax does not contain this solvent, and hence can be given in optimum doses for enhanced efficacy.
Each 100 mg vial of Albupax has been priced at Rs 11,500. The estimated Indian market for this product is in the region of Rs 150 crore and the company expects Albupax to garner a reasonable share of this market. This brand has the potential of becoming the single largest brand amongst its basket of oncology products. The company is also exploring the possibility of a tie-up for taking this brand to international markets.
Source: Natco Pharma (press release)
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