Posted: September 23, 2008

eBioscience Expands Portfolio with Introduction of eFluor Nanocrystals Product Line

(Nanowerk News) eBioscience Corporation, a leading global provider of innovative high quality cell analysis reagents, announced today the expansion of its multicolor cellular analysis portfolio with the introduction of its eFluor™ brand and the commercial launch of the eFluor™ Nanocrystals product line.
"The development of innovative, high value multicolor cellular analysis research reagents is a cornerstone of eBioscience's business and represent one of the fastest growing segments in life sciences," explained Todd R. Nelson Ph.D., CEO of eBioscience Corporation. "By adding the eFluor™ brand to our existing franchise, eBioscience has positioned itself at the cutting edge of multi parametric cellular and molecular analysis by providing innovative, high quality reagent solutions for use by our customers in the areas of flow cytometry, immunodetection, microarrays, ultra-highthroughput sequencing, in vivo imaging and microscopy."
With the launch of eFluor™ Nanocrystals, eBioscience Corporation now offers novel solutions for biomolecular labeling and detection that employ quantum dot semiconductor nanocrystals, which can be tuned to emit bright light in a wide range of distinct colors when excited by a single light source. These nanometer-sized particles are intrinsically bright, possess exceptional photostability and have very narrow emission spectra. The eFluor™ Nanocrystals are easy to use and their unique properties make them excellent products for researchers performing multi-color applications.
Clinton Ballinger Ph.D., CEO of Evident Technologies, Inc., commented that “the eBioscience-Evident Technologies partnership is focused on developing and optimizing these products for a broad array of life science applications. Together, we have made significant improvements in performance over a very short period of time. This energetic partnership gives us a framework to quickly convert advances in nanomaterial technology into compelling life science products for many years to come.”
"eBioscience is a market leader in the development of multicolor flow cytometry reagents for cellular analysis," said Tony Ward, V.P. of eBioscience Commercial Operations. "Having completed the acquisition of the world-wide rights to the technology from an industry leader in the development of semiconductor nanocrystal materials—Evident Technologies Inc, eBioscience has secured the exclusive rights to a significant and unique intellectual property estate.”
“Moreover, a solid IP portfolio allows eBioscience to keep its promise to our customers that our reagents will place them at the cutting edge of science.” Nelson continued, “with product lines such as eFluor™ Nanocrystals, we are also adding rapidly to our existing revenue base with products protected by an increasingly large and commercially valuable intellectual property portfolio .”
About eBioscience Corporation
eBioscience provides innovative high quality reagents to academic and government researchers and pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide that empower the process of scientific discovery in the areas of cellular immunity and oncology.
The company’s extensive portfolio of more than 8,500 leading edge cell analysis reagents and technologies, focused on flow cytometry and immunodetection, position our customers to be at the forefront of science. eBioscience is aligned with and responsive to the ever changing needs of its customers, making the company a preferred partner for scientific discovery.
Founded in 1999, eBioscience, a privately held company, is headquartered in San Diego, California and conducts business in more than 70 countries around the world. For more information about eBioscience, visit the company's web site at or email [email protected]
About Evident Technologies Corporation
Founded in 2000, Evident Technologies develops and commercializes technology based on semiconductor nanocrystals, also known as quantum dots. Evident is one of the first companies to commercialize products based on semiconductor nanotechnology and has launched commercial products in LED and lighting, military and life science markets. For additional information on Evident Technologies, please visit
eFluor™ is a trademark of eBioscience Corporation.
Source: eBioscience (press release)
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