Posted: September 24, 2008

CODIXX Introduces New Member of the ColorPol HT Polarizer Family

(Nanowerk News) Since the successful introduction of the colorPol® HT (High Transmittance) polarizers in 2004, CODIXX continuous development activities in close collaboration with customers led to a variety of performance improvements.
With a thickness of 0.2 mm, the colorPol® IR 1550 BC4 T2 HT provides the same excellent performance as the well proven previous members of the colorPol® HT product family. The extinction ratio exceeds 40 dB (10,000:1) and the insertion loss undercuts 0.1 dB.
colorPol® HT polarizers have been de­ve­loped especially for tele­com­mu­ni­cation applications. The filters offer unique transmittance properties of > 98 % (with AR coating) and the high contrast > 10.000 : 1 in the spectral range within 1,280 - 1,450 and 1,480 - 1,650 nm. Beside the already available thickness of 0.25 mm and 0.5 mm the HT version is now also available with the common thickness of 0.2 mm.
colorPol® polarizers are customized available in various shapes and dimensions from 1x1 mm˛ up to a maximum size of 100 x 60 mm˛.Also standard mounts with diameters of 12.5, 12.7 (1/2”), 25.0 and 25.4 (1”) mm are deliverable.
Due to the unique halide free colorPol® technology with embedded prolate silver nano particles in soda-lime glass, colorPol® polarizers have polarization properties in the UV (340 – 420 nm), the visible and infrared range (430 – 5,000 nm).
High temperature stability until +400°C, resistance against harsh environmental conditions, the most chemicals and UV radiation as well as the easy handling are the basis for the versatility and multitude of applications of colorPol® polarizers.
With the enhancement of the colorPol® HT polarizer family by the colorPol® IR 1550 BC4 T2 HT CODIXX is doing another important step to enter the future market of the optical communication.
Brussels, ECOC 2008, booth 148 CODIXX AG.
Source: CODIXX (press release)
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