Quantum Leap Packaging Receives Best Session Paper at IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop
Posted: September 24, 2008

Quantum Leap Packaging Receives Best Session Paper at IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop

(Nanowerk News) Quantum Leap Packaging, Inc. (QLP), a leading provider of high performance air cavity packages for semiconductor assembly, received best session paper for "High Frequency Packaging of RF Devices" at the IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop on RF and Microwave Packaging in San Diego.
Dr. Mike Zimmerman, CTO and Chris Lee, Director of Business Development of QLP coauthored the paper. Dr. Zimmerman presented customer data on QLP's air cavity packages, developed for LDMOS power amplifiers and high frequency applications. By utilizing unique material science and integrating it with proprietary copper flange technology, QLP is able to deliver significantly higher thermal performance and improved operating efficiency with its packages.
Data showed that QLP's packages based on QuantechTM material and copper flanges outperform current ceramic-metal materials while maintaining MIL-STD-883D reliability requirements.
"Our products are based on innovative technologies and enable next generation performance. Our packages have lowered junction temperatures by as much as 10% and increased operating efficiencies by up to 5%,” said Dr. Zimmerman. “The package has become the differentiator in product performance. Our customers have thoroughly tested our packages' reliability and validated their advantages.”
Zimmerman then presented QLP's roadmap, which targets high-frequency multi-layer applications based on new film technology.
About QLP
Quantum Leap Packaging, Inc. is a leading-edge material science company and a developer of enabling technologies such as QuantechTM and HermetechTM. Based on QLP's revolutionary material technology, QuantechTM solves critical thermal, stress and reliability issues for the semiconductor industry in applications such as optical electronic systems, image sensors, HB-LEDs, MEMs, and high power RF-Microwave assembly. QLP’s innovative HermeTechTM, based on QuantechTM technology, provides the semiconductor packaging industry's first, true plastic hermetic package, in a design and manufacturing breakthrough long sought by the industry. Quantech’sTM unique material properties have proven ideal for metal replacement in structural and automotive applications.
Quantum Leap Packaging is located in Wilmington, MA and San Diego, CA. For more information, please refer to www.qlpkg.com.
Source: Quantum Leap Packaging (press release)
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