Posted: September 30, 2008

NIL Technology Announces Launch of Stamps with Grating Patterns at Low-Cost

(Nanowerk News) Gratings are fundamental patterns that find use within a broad range of industry sectors e.g. optics, photonics and plasmonics. Cameras, displays, polarizers and spectrometers are some of the end-products benefitting from grating patterns.
The Grating Stamp is the latest extension of NIL Technology's standard stamp product line. The new Grating Stamp is currently available in Silicon. Customers can review the exact stamp specifications online before purchasing the stamp - allowing them to pick out the best fitted stamp for the intended use.
grating stamps
“We are interested in the best possible results for our customers in their efforts on using grating structures. By providing low cost Grating Stamps for testing and learning we wish to encourage researchers and developers to gain experience with optics and nanoimprint“, Theodor Nielsen, CEO, states.
The newly launched Grating Stamps are in stock and ready for shipment within two business days. The stamps can be shipped with anti-sticking coating upon request.

Contact NIL Technology ApS

Theodor Nielsen, CEO

Direct +45 3171 9036

E-mail: [email protected]

More information: Ordering and design details – Go to:
Source: NIL Technologies (press release)
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