Posted: October 1, 2008

Carl Zeiss Invests in 3D Laser Lithography Startup Nanoscribe

(Nanowerk News) Oberkochen-based optical company Carl Zeiss has acquired approximately 40 percent of Karlsruhe startup Nanoscribe GmbH.
The young company that emerged in December 2007 from the work group of Professor Dr. Martin Wegener at the Institute for Applied Physics at the University of Karlsruhe and the Karlsruhe Research Center has developed a highly innovative laser direct write procedure for 3D nanostructuring. In addition to the investment, Carl Zeiss is also providing know-how.
“Carl Zeiss is going down a new road by supporting the young researchers and entrepreneurs at an early stage in the founding of the company not only financially, but also with our knowledge and corresponding technology,” explains Dr. Michael Kaschke, Member of the Executive Board at Carl Zeiss AG. At the same time, this ensures the company’s involvement in a pioneering technology.
Nanoscribe develops and produces compact rapid prototyping laser lithography systems for the manufacture of 3D micro and nano structures in photo resist. The still young discipline of 3D laser lithography is applied in micro and nano photonics, the life sciences, biotechnology and in microfluidics.
Martin Hermatschweiler, one of the founders and executive directors, comments: "Nanoscribe has the potential to open up new fields of application in optical technologies. The partnership with Carl Zeiss is a milestone along the way.”
Carl Zeiss has worked with the company since 2007. It delivered its first system at the end of June. Professor Martin Wegener, one of the founders and scientific consultants of the startup, received the 2006 Carl Zeiss Research Award.
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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