Posted: October 1, 2008

Nanotailor to Attend NanoTXUSA'08

(Nanowerk News) Nanotailor, Inc., a nanomaterials company specializing in the manufacturing of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, announced today that in cooperation with the Nanomaterials Application Center [NAC] at Texas State University-San Marcos, Nanotailor will have a presence at the upcoming NanoTXUSA'08 Conference and Expo to be held in Dallas, Texas on October 2nd and 3rd at the Hyatt Regency Convention Hotel. Nanotailor will have a presence along with Texas State University at Booth #503.
Five years ago, NAC (, in cooperation with Winstead LC, established a nanotechnology colloquium where participants gathered bi-weekly to listen to experts in the nanotechnology field and share ideas. As the Colloquium has grown with attendees and additional sites, it further developed a solid reputation for providing cutting edge content, compelling discussions, and opening early-stage investment opportunities.
The Colloquium became an integral part of the NAC's strategy to help emerging technology companies expedite commercialization. Nanotailor is a member of NAC and has facilities on the San Marcos campus. Dr. Walt Trybula, Ph.D., is an IEEE Fellow, and SPIE fellow and Director of NAC, which focuses on coordination, facilitation, participation, and expediting commercialization of nanoscience and nanoengineering applications and inventions. When the NanoTX conference began, it was a natural step for NAC to participate in disseminating information to larger numbers of people.
"Attending the NanoTXUSA'08 conference in cooperation with Texas State University is another example of how Dr. Trybula and the NAC have been instrumental in assisting Nanotailor further our technology," commented Ramon Perales, President & CEO of Nanotailor, Inc. "Our relationship with Dr. Trybula and the NAC has been helpful in assisting our commercialization efforts by identifying and providing resources to accelerate our time to market."
Dr. Walt Trybula, Director of NAC, commented, "We are interested in all forms of nanotechnology, ranging from nanocrystals and nanoclusters to carbon nanotubes. After learning about Nanotailor's single-walled carbon nanotube technology that they licensed from NASA and their commercialization effort, we saw a direct fit." Dr. Trybula continued, " One of the NAC's goals is to accelerate the transfer of nanotechnology from concept through R&D and into commercialization. With a strong base of researchers, including a number with long industrial experience, we are able to provide guidance for rapid development of technology. We look forward to continued collaboration with Nanotailor and being part of their future success."
For more information regarding the NanoTXUSA'08 Conference and Expo, please visit For more information regarding the Texas State University Nanomaterials Application Center please visit
About Nanotailor, Inc.
Nanotailor, Inc. is a nanomaterials company specializing in the manufacturing of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes ("SWNT" or "SWNTs") based upon technology which its wholly owned subsidiary, Nanotailor Materials, Inc., has licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ("NASA"). A SWNT is a hollow cylinder comprised of geometrically aligned carbon atoms, which are approximately 50,000 times smaller than a human hair and have extraordinary mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Nanotailor's SWNTs offer the potential to create components, products and devices which cannot be produced with conventional materials available today which management believes will position Nanotailor to become a significant participant in a global nanotechnology market.
Source: Nanotailor (press release)
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