Posted: October 3, 2008

Microfluidics Nanotechnology Expert to Speak at National Nano Engineering Conference

(Nanowerk News) Microfluidics, a division of Microfluidics International Corporation, has announced that the company's CTO and nationally renowned nanotechnology applications expert, Thomai (Mimi) Panagiotou, Ph.D, will be presenting a talk at the 2008 National Nano Engineering Conference, November 12 and 13 at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA. The talk, titled “Scalable Industrial Processing of Nanomaterials Using Microfluidizer® High Shear Fluid Processors,” will cover scalable and robust technologies and processes for production, deagglomeration, purification and modification of nanomaterials. In addition, Dr. Panagiotou will moderate the Nanomaterials Session of the conference. Microfluidics, which won the Nanotech Briefs® Nano50™ Technology Award at the 2007 event, will be exhibiting key products from its Microfluidizer high shear processor product line in booth #8 at this year's conference.
Dr. Panagiotou is responsible for the overall direction of Microfluidics’ technology and leads the development of Microfluidics Reaction Technology (MRT), an award-winning process-intensification technology to manufacture nanosuspensions from the bottom up. She has co-authored over 60 papers for journals and conference proceedings and is the co-inventor of two patents.
Her presentation at the 2008 National Nano Engineering Conference will discuss how, for many nanotechnology applications, paramount performance can only be achieved if the nanomaterials are deagglomerated and uniformly dispersed in media such as organic solvents, polymer resins, water, etc. In addition, she will explain how Microfluidics’ technologies and processes provide solutions when nanoencapsulation, particle exfoliation, mixing in the nanometer scale, and fibril formation and length reduction of fibers are desired.
Dr. Panagiotou will discuss how the heart of the Microfluidics technology is a continuous microreactor, the interaction chamber, which consists of "fixed geometry" microchannels. Flow through the chamber is characterized by high fluid velocities and subsequent impingement of fluid jets to the chamber walls or to one another. This results in the generation of high intensity shear fields, and energy dissipation mechanisms such as turbulence are activated in the microliter-size volumes of the chamber. Under these conditions, mixing of fluids takes place at the nanometer scale, and solid agglomerates disperse or break to give submicron particles.
Microfluidics high shear fluid processors are used for particle size reduction, deagglomeration and dispersion of nanoparticles in liquid media. The scalability of these processors has been demonstrated in many applications.
Dr. Panagiotou will give her presentation on Wednesday, November 12 at 3:45 pm as part of the Nanocomposites Session.
About Microfluidics
Microfluidics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microfluidics International Corporation, is a supplier of advanced fluid processing equipment and reaction technology for laboratory, pilot scale and manufacturing applications. The equipment enables the manufacture and formulation of numerous nanomaterials and nanoscale products and produces the most uniform and smallest liquid and suspended solid particles available.
Microfluidics has been a worldwide supplier of Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processing systems to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics/personal care and food industries since 1984. As leader in the field, Microfluidics has enabled numerous companies and institutions to formulate, validate and produce licensed drugs for the worldwide healthcare market.
Companies seeking to produce difficult-to-formulate products or to find better methods of bio-processing can take advantage of complimentary sample testing at one of three Microfluidics facilities. Visit, email [email protected] or contact Microfluidics at 800.370.5452 for application information.
Source: Microfluidics (press release)
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