Posted: October 6, 2008

Altatech Introduces Advanced Materials CVD and ALD Tool

(Nanowerk News) Altatech Semiconductor, a global provider of advanced processes and manufacturing equipments for the semiconductor industry today announced the launch of AltaCVD®, an advanced materials CVD (Chemical vapor deposition) and ALD (Atomic layer deposition) tool. Based on Altatech’s breakthroukh vaporizing technology enabling the deposition from new, viscous and non-volatiles precursors, AltaCVD® offers unique new capabilities to R&D facilities and pilot productions lines.
AltaCVD® combines a unique vaporizer technology, chamber design and gas/liquid panel integration. The combination of a proprietary reactor design and precursor introduction path with a pulsed liquid injection and vaporization enables nanoscale control of thickness, uniformity, composition and stoichiometry in complex materials. These depositions are unavailable today with existing techniques.
AltaCVD® is ideally suited for the plasma-enhanced MOCVD and ALD processes of a wide range of materials used in logic and memory devices as well as in microsystems and 3D integration, such as : high-K gate dielectrics, metal electrodes, high-K coupling dielectrics and electrodes in MIM and DRAM capacitors, ferroelectric materials, chalcogenide alloys for PCRAM, seedless and self-forming copper diffusion barriers, copper seed layers, transparent conductive oxides, thin film batteries electrodes and electrolyte.
"The unique design and technology of AltaCVD® is in line with Altatech’s product strategy aiming at accelerating the introduction of next materials generation in the semiconductor chain," says Hervé Monchoix Altatech Technology Director. "With AltaCVD®, we offer the best-in-class, flexible nanodeposition tool to advanced R&D facilities’ teams."
To date, multiple beta versions of AltaCVD® systems have already been installed for advanced high-K gate dielectric integration at front-end-of-line R&D facilities and for through-silicon-via (TSV) metallization at a back-end-of-line R&D facility.
About Altatech
Altatech is a global provider of advanced processes and manufacturing equipments for the semiconductor industry and nanotechnologies. The product range includes Nanovision with AltaSight® (Inspection), Nanoprinting with AltaDrop® (Inkjet equipment), Nanodeposition with AltaCVD®. Besides its own tools, Altatech’s reengineering activity offers its customers remanufactured production tools. Altatech was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Grenoble-Montbonnot with subsidiary office in Germany and distributor in Japan. For more information, please visit :
Source: Altatech (press release)
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