Posted: October 7, 2008

Nanogate AG Introduces New Filtration Product

(Nanowerk News) At the European filtration trade fair FILTREX, Nanogate AG is presenting PermaStatic™, its first product development based on the new N_charge™ technology platform. PermaStatic™ refines filter media by means of an electric storage layer so that they are statically charged permanently. Filtration performance is improved significantly and conventional systems can be conŽverted into high-performance filters easily and economically. PermaStatic™ both delivers a high and reliable filtration performance and leaves the air permeability of the filter media unchanged. Individual filter fibres are covered in a layer of less than 100 nanometres. The potential application areas of PermaStatic™ are many and varied. They range from industrial use and building and automotive filters to household filtration systems.
In air filtration the degree of particle separation by the filter medium is the key factor, especially where fine dust is concerned. Improving filter performance by means of a permanent electrostatic charge poses a constant challenge for the filter industry with the steady increase in demands that are made on it, especially in respect of fine dust, and is therefore of immense importance. PermaStatic™ improves conventional filter media by actively attracting and retaining fine dust particles with its static charge while leaving the fibre density of the filter medium unchanged. A 'normal' filter medium is thereby converted into a filtration system that reaches a new performance level without requiring any change in the design of the filter medium. And PermaStatic™ can be integrated into existing production processes very easily and economically. In future, clean room filters in industry or passenger compartment filters in, say, cars could be improved significantly.
'Fine dust pollution is an urgent challenge that affects us all. In PermaStatic™ we offer a solution that can be integrated into many systems and make a significant and lasting contribution toward clean air, thereby helping both mankind and the environment,' said Nanogate AG Authorised Officer Holger Zytur. 'PermaStatic™ is best described as an intelligent dust magnet that actively attracts the finest particles with its invisible tentacles,' he added. 'The swift and systematic Per-maStatic™ product realisation shows the great technological and commercial im-plementation potential of our new N_charge™ technology platform. Nanogate AG expects the first customers and sales contributions from it as early as 2009,' said Nanogate AG CEO Ralf Zastrau.
Nanogate AG is exhibiting PermaStatic™ to a wider public for the first time at the filtration and separation trade fair FILTREX 2008 in Cologne on 7 and 8 October.
Source: Nanogate AG (press release)
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