Posted: October 7, 2008

Evident Technologies' New Business Unit to Commercialize Night Vision Applications for Military

(Nanowerk News) Evident Technologies, Inc., a nanotechnology company specializing in the commercialization of quantum dot semiconductor nanocrystals, today announced the formation of a new business unit, NightMarker, dedicated to night vision applications for military, government and security customers. NightMarker is one of three business units that comprise Evident Technologies, joining the Life Science and LEDs units.
“Our core technology enables products in many different markets that address drastically different customer needs”, stated Clinton Ballinger, Ph.D. and CEO of Evident Technologies. “We have established an entire brand of NightMarker® products that bring advanced nanotechnology to our military and security customers. Now these customers can go directly to the NightMarker website for their night vision applications.”
Evident Technologies uses novel nano-sized materials to enable new products in applications from life science to LEDs to energy. The unique properties of these nanotechnology materials can enhance the performance of existing night vision products and enable completely new applications.
“The technology that the NightMarker team at Evident is developing addresses some important needs of today’s war-fighter,” stated Lt. Gen. (retired) John Caldwell. “I have seen the utility of the NightMarker® Combat ID product, known as White Light Technology, for night time applications first hand and the military is rightfully very interested in seeing it deployed.”
“We have developed capabilities for the war-fighter, many already off-the-shelf, that can be used to assist in Combat Identification, Tagging, Tracking and Locating and generally to enhance situational awareness during nighttime operations.”, said Eva Sbardella, Director of Business Development for NightMarker. “Customers in all branches of the military use night vision technology to perform mission critical tasks. As a business unit dedicated to meeting the needs of the war-fighter, NightMarker focuses on products that assist in clearing up the battlespace and may help increase the effectiveness of those missions.”
For additional information, please visit the NightMarker website at: .
About Evident Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Evident Technologies develops and commercializes technology based on semiconductor nanocrystals. Evident is one of the first companies to commercialize products based on semiconductor nanotechnology and has launched commercial products in LED and lighting, military and life science markets. Additional information is available at
Source: Evident Technologies (press release)
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