Posted: October 8, 2008

Tata Subsidiary To Test Solar Thermal Power Plant in Quatar

(Nanowerk News) TCE Consulting Engineers, a subsidiary of the Indian conglomerate, Tata Group, will be looking to build a solar thermal power station here as a demonstration model before eventually scaling up the blueprint. The plan is being envisaged as a pilot project.
This follows the company's decision to invest $12m over the next five years at the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) to develop engineering solutions for environmental challenges. A solar-thermal power station concentrates sunlight and produces steam as a power source.
At the outset, the centre will focus on software that makes it faster and easier to design 'green' buildings, and create a blueprint for a solar-thermal power station. TCE will also use its engineering expertise to find practical applications for novel nanotechnologies.
"Buildings account for 40 percent of energy consumption worldwide, so with the right technology we can make a real difference in this area. Meanwhile, most leading universities around the world are developing nano-particles, which have the potential to bring immense benefit to society. We want to take the experimental work to the field in close cooperation with Qatar researchers and businesses," said A P Mull, TCE CEO.
Scheduled to open at QSTP later this year, TCE QSTP will have around 14 staff, half of whom will be researchers. Initial research projects will include creating software that assist in the design of environmentally-friendly buildings. The tool will determine the optimal use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient features and locally sourced materials to minimise a building's total energy footprint.
The centre also aims to turn university nanotechnology research from around the world into practical engineering application products such as nano-fibre building materials, wastewater filters and cladding windows with ultra-thin solar cells. Dr Tidu Maini, QSTP Executive Chairman, said: "Tata has some very exciting expertise in energy and the environment, two of QSTP's strategic focus areas.
Source: The Peninsula
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